By working closely with the municipalities, NGO’s, Østfold University College and Østfold Hospital, Østfold County Council has established “The Public Health Programme in Østfold”. The objective of the partnership is to fulfill the public health objectives of the county plan of Østfold.

This plan has public health and well-being as of their three main priorities. Throughout the plan, reducing inequalities is given priority. The Public Health Programme try to achieve this by adding value to local action to addressing health inequities by accelerating progress in developing coherent strategies, policy and practice to reduce local health inequities and narrow the gap across the social gradient in health.

The partnership cooperate to meet the demands of the Public Health Act of 2012. Decisions are made by a board, that consists of 4 Mayors from the municipalities and three County Politicians.

The public health unit in Østfold County Council is the secretariat for the partnership and consist of 7 FTE’s. For more information about international public health projects, click here

For more information about Østfold County Council, click here

Each regions main body is the county council, elected by direct election by all legal residents every fourth year.

The county council’s main task are upper secondary schools, and to act as a regional developer.

Regional development consist of:

  • Roads, public transport and business development
  • Culture and the preservation of cultural monuments
  • International work
  • Planning
  • Public health
  • Dental health

Østfold County Council’s administration is organized in three departments:

  • Community and land use planning (includes public health)
  • School Administration
  • Regional Development.